Clinical Research

Mature women on a medical appointment with ophthalmologistAt Lakeside vision center, we offer our patients the unique opportunity to participate in clinical trials. With the help of our patients, we have and continue to advance the field of Ophthalmology, developing new therapies and procedures for this generation and the next. We have participated in clinical trials for the past 20 years which has allowed our patients an enhanced opportunity to give back to the community and help in paving the way for new treatment modalities.

Our clinical trials are strictly regulated by the FDA. They are safe and Dr. Duzman has full, personal, and frequent supervision of your eyes. We have many patients who have participated in several clinical trials, and have learned much about their eye’s behavior through several disease states.

We are currently running clinical trials in the field of glaucoma, dry eyes and macular degeration. Please ask Dr. Duzman for information during your appointment if you are interested in participating in one of our trials. You may also call the office at (949) 733-2002, and speak to our Research department to ask for more details.