Optical Shop

Lakeside Optical Shop

At Lakeside Vision Center, we are proud to offer a full service optical shop and optical lab. At our optical shop we offer an excellent selection of well-known brands and also a good selection of “generic” frames to suit every need and style. We also offer the best quality optical lenses from Ziess, Shamir and an in-house finishing Lab. We provide the most advanced contact lenses and our optometrist is skilled the most difficult contact lenses fittings.

We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality service. Our skilled optician and optometrist personalize the frame and the optical lenses to the needs and the preferences of each patient. We stand behind every pair of glasses with a “satisfaction guaranteed” policy and a generous replacement policy.

We set ourselves apart from the mass production optical shops in retail stores in several ways.  First, a recent consumer report survey comparing customer satisfaction with optical services found that the highest level of customer satisfaction is coming from optical shops in doctor’s offices. Second, it always makes good sense to have the glasses made in the same place the eye exam and the prescription were made. This reduces confusions and helps to get quick fix in cases were complexes optics needs to be prescribed or if there are difficulties in getting used to a new pair of glasses or contacts. Thirdly, we maintain our prices very competitive. The same consumer report survey, found that optical shops in doctors offices tend to be mid range between retail stores like Costco and fancy optical shops while maintaining the some of the highest quality of materials and highest patient satisfaction.

Because many of the customers in our optical shop are also our patients, our doctors can better assess the whole eye and may recommend specialized lenses to optimize our patients’ eyes. We place a high priority on maintaining good relationship with our patients and therefore also have a strong motivation to satisfy patients that choose our optical shop. As many of our optical services customers are return patients, we avoid the up sell practices of that are so prevalent in some of the other optical shops.

At Lakeside Vision Center, we have made efforts to work with as many optical insurance plans as possible. In most cases, our customers are not even aware of their optical benefits. Our optical staff is well trained in finding out your benefits and helping you access them to your advantage.

Please take time to stop by our optical shop when you are in the office or if you need any help with your optical needs.