A cataract is a clouding of the natural lens in the eye. It is one of the most common eye conditions that we encounter as ophthalmologists. Cataracts are seen in all eyes of patients over the age of 50. Timing of cataract surgery is based on a discussion Dr. Duzman will have with you regarding the symptoms that you may experience and how these symptoms affect your life. We encourage you to discuss all of your eye symptoms with Dr. Duzman during your appointment.

Although cataracts may interfere with your life, they are very easy to treat. Cataracts may develop very slowly and it is often that you may not be aware of the subtle vision changes that you may experience. This is why we recommend all healthy adults to have an eye exam by an Ophthalmologist (M.D.) every year.

Symptoms of a cataract may include decreased vision, glare, double vision, and a change in color perception. During a thorough eye exam, Dr. Duzman can detect these subtle changes in vision and initiate the discussion of cataract surgery when necessary. Dr. Duzman uses the latest techniques in cataract surgery. The cataract procedure takes only a few minutes and is done under local anesthesia. The procedure is done in a comfortable outpatient surgery center environment.

During the procedure, Dr. Duzman will remove the cloudy lens and replace it with a lens specifically designed for your eyes. You have some choices in the lens that will be placed in your eye. Please ask us about the Eyhance, Eyhance Toric, Symfony, Synergy and the Odyssey lens. Dr. Duzman will discuss these options and make a recommendation of the lens type best suited for your eye.

The cataract procedure is done through an incision in the corner of the cornea. The incision is small and designed to self-seal without sutures. The cataract is removed using the latest phacoemulcification equipment. This ultrasound technology is used to fraction the lens material and gently washes it away from the eye.

Dr. Duzman’s patients have come from nation-wide and worldwide destinations for his services most sending their families and friends for his eye care. We are proud to be on the forefront of cataract surgery and to offer the many choices in lenses for our patients thereby maximizing their visual outcomes